Pledge to be more physically active to benefit your heart health today!

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#MoveWithHeart pledge:

I pledge to move more for my heart health.

How to Pledge

  1. Show us your favorite way to be physically active by sharing a photo or a video on Twitter or Instagram using #MoveWithHeart.
  2. Challenge your friends and family to #MoveWithHeart!

Why Pledge?

Heart Disease is the leading cause of death. Research shows that physical activity can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, even for those at high genetic risk.

Only about 22% of adults meet the federal Physical Activity Guidelines.*

Adults should spend at least 21/2 hours each week doing physical activity that gets their heart pumping and leaves them a little breathless.

*National Center for Health Statistics. National Health Interview Survey, 2015. Public-use data file and documentation: NCHS tabulations.

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